My name is Dr. Berenice Pendzialek (白瑞).

I am a Chinese outbound tourism specialist working as a freelancer in Hamburg, Germany.

I have a passion for China and the performances of Chinese outbound tourists worldwide and to German touristic destinations. I enjoy sharing and exchanging ideas about these topics.

Throughout the years, I been working together with companies, organisations and destinations to reach Chinese customers along the different parts of their customer journey. This has allowed me to develop strategic competences, which I now put at your disposal as part of my training, marketing and  consulting solutions.

DSC03588I would be interested in talking to you about how I have helped other clients to succeed in the Chinese outbound tourism market. Together we can find out ways to set and achieve your goals for this fast-changing market. Contact me




In the following months, I will be assisting regularly to the Women Techmakers Meetups in Hamburg.

Let´s meet!